Main Street Princess Anne Partnership Mission & Board of Directors Responsibilities

The Main Street Princess Anne Partnership is a volunteer-driven organization working to enhance the quality of life in Princess Anne and make it a better place to live, work, and do business. The Princess Anne Partnership's mission is to help foster the planned growth of the entire community through the recruitment and retention of businesses, revitalization of the downtown business district, promotion of retail and tourist activities, and improvement of the area's overall visual quality.

Our goals:

  • To Strengthen Existing Businesses and Recruit Complementary Enterprises
  • Improve the Quality of Life through Cultural Outreach and Events
  • Provide a Vibrant Place to Live, Shop and Work
  • Demonstrate Pride in Our Community
  • Preserve the Integrity of the Historic District
  • Be a Welcoming Front Porch for UMES (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)


The Board of directors will provide guidance and leadership. The role of the Board is to:

  1. Advance and define the mission and goals of the Partnership,
  2. Recruit, hire, support and review the work of the Partnership’s Executive Director
  3. Be ambassadors to the Community on behalf of the Partnership,
  4. Locate talented interested volunteers to participate in Main Street efforts,
  5. Provide planning to identify adequate resources and funding for the Partnership’s mission, and
  6. Provide financial management. The makeup of this board should provide the best possible cross section of views to enhance the mission of the Main Street Princess Anne Partnership.


The Main Street Board is made up of 7-11 individuals and will include representation from the community as follows;

Partnership Members
Town of Princess Anne Mr. Garland Hayward
Princess Anne Chamber of Commerce Mr. Dennis Williams
Somerset County Historical Trust Mrs. Howard Yerges
UMES Mr. Solomon Isekeije
Somerset County Mr. Danny Thompson
Mrs Charlotte Sterling Sharf (Chair)  
Mrs. Sharon Harris  
Mrs. Kathy Johnson  
Mr. Austin Cox  
Mr. John Nicholson Design
Mr. Jay Parker Economic Restructuring
Mrs. Leslie Caray Organization
Mrs. Jeanne du Nord Promotion

The role of a chair is to:

  1. lead meetings so that agendas are followed and meetings adjourn on-time,
  2. allow all members to be heard during discussions,
  3. moderate discussions between members with differing points of view, and
  4. be a sounding board for the Executive Director in the preparation of agendas and how to best involve the full



Participation of all Board members in meetings is important and members should make every effort to attend each meeting. If Board members cannot attend, they should inform the Executive Director before the meeting is conducted.

A minimum attendance at each meeting often is needed to ensure that the different viewpoints of Board members are adequately represented. A quorum for this Board will be met with fifty percent (50%) of the Board membership and the chair or vice chairperson must be present.

As the Board provides advice and guidance, it will reach its recommendations through consensus. Consensus is defined as a recommendation that may not be ideal for each Committee member, but every member can live with it. Consensus will be the preferred method of decision making. However, if consensus cannot be reached on a given issue, then majority voting will be used to reach a ruling.

Committee members should treat each other with respect, listen to each other, work cooperatively, and allow all members to voice their opinions.

Meetings generally will be conducted on the first Wednesday of each month, or as required, from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. at the Welcome Center. Board members will be notified in advanced as to the date and time of meetings.

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