Government: Overview

Princess Anne: A Small Town Success Story
The town as beautiful as its name, Princess Anne has something special to offer. The quality of life in our community is determined in large measure by our commitment to protect our historical integrity and maintain our small town identity. Behind our town's antique facades, we have built a community rich with opportunities for employment, recreation, and education. Come, and let us share it with you!

Princess Anne has a town commissioner-manager based government, comprised of five elected town commissioners, each serving four-year terms. Town elections are held the first Tuesday in June, in even numbered years. Voter registration is open daily at town hall, during regular business hours (8:30 am - 4:30 pm, M-F), or you may register by mail. To request a mail-in voter registration form, contact the Somerset County Board of Elections Office at 410.651.0767.

2011-2012 - Annual Budget: Click her to download (PDF)
2010-2011 - Annual Budget: Click her to download (PDF)

Personnel (Click here to view Board Vacancies)

Town Manager
Deborah Hrusko
Phone: 410-651-1818

Town Financial Administrator
Deborah Hrusko
Phone: 410-651-1818

Chief of Police
Timothy Bozman
Phone: 410-651-1822

Fire Chief
Rondell Redding
Phone: 410-651-2144

Town Attorney
Webb, Burnett Cornbrooks, Wilber, Vorhis, Douse and Mason LLP
Phone: 410-742-3176
Public Works Department
Tracy Grangier
Phone: 410-651-1818

Code Compliance Director and Officer Building Permits
Tracy Grangier
Phone: 410-651-1726

Somerset County Sanitary Commission
Phone: 410-651-3831

Tax Assessment Office
Phone: 410-651-0868

Town Commissioners - Phone: 410-651-1818
Garland Hayward
Joseph Gardner
Michael Hall
Dennis Williams
Lionel Frederick
President - District 2 - Term Expires 2018
Vice President - District 1 - Term expires 2018
Commissioner - District 1 - Term expires 2016
Commissioner - District 2 - Term expires 2016
Commissioner At Large - Term expires 2018

Planning and Zoning Board - Phone: 410-651-1818
Gail Sheldon
Weldon Corbin
Sarah Young
John Spicer

Zoning Appeals Board - Phone: 410-651-1818
Agnes Cooper-Dennis
Collen Murphey
Peggy Gardner
Christopher Smith

Historic District Commission - Phone: 410-651-1818
The Historic District Commission will meet on the first Wednesday of each month at:
Town Hall - 30489 Broad Street

Warner Sumpter - Chairperson
Jeanne duNord
Marian Patterson
Gale Yerges
Charlotte Sharf

Manokin River Park Committee - Phone: 410-651-1818
Barbara Cash
Kathy Johnson
Marion Patterson

Board of Elections - Phone: 410-651-1818
Barbara Long - Chairperson
Linda Alder