Government: Police, Fire & Animal Control
Police Department: Click here for details

Volunteer Fire Department:
The Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Department provides 24-hour fire- fighting and emergency medical services throughout the community. Forty-five volunteers respond to approximately 250 fire calls per year, while emergency medical personnel respond to appoximately 1,500.

The department houses three engines, a pumper tanker, a 4,000-gallon tanker, a 75' aerial platform, rescue truck, brush truck, utility truck, and two ambulances. In order to increase community awareness, maintain firefighting skills, and test equipment, the department performs controlled burns, and provides fire education and prevention programs to the community on a regular basis.

Seven instructors present monthly CPR classes to interested citizens. Firefighters also organize Operation Safe House, going door-to-door to check smoke detectors, and provide detectors to homes that do not have them. Volunteers and EMT staff visit local schools and day care centers to teach about fire safety and prevention, and continue the message outside the classroom with programs such as Community Night Out: an annual block party hosted by fire personnel and local law enforecement, designed to heighten community awareness about safety. The department also sponsors Breakfast with Santa each December, giving local children a chance to break bread with the jolly man from the North.

The fire department is supported by businesses and individuals throughout the community, including the Ladies Auxiliary, which holds regular fundraising dinners and events. Donations of time and money are always welcome.

Animal Control:
The Town administers the County Dog Ordinance within Town limits. Pet owners must not allow their dogs to roam and scavenge. We appeal to all pet owners to control pets, so they do not create a disturbance, or become a nuisance.

A Friendly Reminder to Dog Owners: Somerset County Dog and Kennel Licenses expire June 30th, and must be renewed yearly. County Dog Licenses are available at all local rabies clinics held by the Somerset County Health Department, and may be purchased for three dollars ($3.00) per dog. If you own between five and twenty-five dogs, you may purchase a kennel license for fifteen dollars ($15.00). For owners with more than twenty-five dogs, the kennel license is thirty dollars ($30.00). Applications submitted after July 31, for dogs subject to licensing prior to that date, will incur a penalty, in addition to the cost of the licensing.